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Surgical Pads

Royal Arms has been making quality surgical table pads and armboard pads for over twelve years. 

We make surgical pads and armboard pads as replacements to any and all manufacturers. These manufacturers include Amsco, Skytron, Midmark, Shampaine & Siemens

Here is a small list of the more common pads we make:

  • Amsco 1080/2080

  • Amsco 3080/3085

  • Midmark 7100

  • Skytron 3100

  • Skytron 3500

  • Skytron 6500

  • Shampaine 1400/1500/1900

  • Shampaine Radi-Op


We offer two styles of cover material for all of our pads, 'Lectrolite & Synergy (Stretch). Additionally, we offer two types of foam, one is a high density foam, the other is a pressure reducing foam. For a description of the options available, please print our foams & cover options worksheet. Each of our covers is bacteriostatic and has non-radiolucent water-resistant seams on the pad edges. In addition to meeting the NAFPA 16CFR Part 1632 Class A standards for flame retardancy, we offer pads that meet the Boston Fire Code as well.

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In addition to making making surgical pads, we make a variety of custom pads used in the Operating Rooms Some common specialty pads that we make include:

  • Well Leg Holders

  • Lateral Positioners

  • Frogger Vein Harvesting Positioners

One of our more popular items is our O.R. Donut Cushion This 9" cushion is made in our Polyfoam Stretch and Ultra Care styles.

Lastly, we make various products used in the operating room. These include C-Section straps, Roller Covers and Foam Wedges.

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