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OR Table Straps

Our cost effective straps fit all surgical tables at a fraction of the cost from table manufacturers. The strap is easy to clean - simply use disinfectant or wipe clean with soap and water.

  • Strong cam-style metal buckles with teeth lock securely

  • Fits tables with or without rails

  • Latex free. Conductive.

  • Straps are 2" wide, with a length of 96"

Download our OR table strap information sheet. 

  • Item PRS-96: Rubberized strap, 96" 

  • Item PRS-96H: Rubberized strap, 96", with side rail hooks 

  • Item PRSC-96: Poly Webbing strap, 96", with Rubberized 18 x 5 midpanel 

  • Item PRSC-96H: Poly Webbing strap, 96", with Rubberized mid-panel & side rail hooks 

Item # PRS-96 (Rubberized), Item # PRSC-96 (Poly Webbing)
or strap1.jpg
Item # PRS-96H (Rubberized), Item # PRSC-96H (Poly Webbing)
or strap2.jpg
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