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Stretcher Pads

A primary line of our business is the manufacturing of replacement stretcher pads. We manufacture our pads to your specifications. We use various foam densities and material covers to provide the needed comfort and support. Please view our printable Foams & Covers worksheet for a full explanation.


The corners of our pads can be square, rounded or angled depending on your specifications. To facilitate the ease of ordering we have designed a printable Stretcher Pad Worksheet. We have the capability to color code/stencil our pads to be department specific.

Additionally, we make a Universal Stretcher Pad, item UP-76, that fits most stretchers & gurneys. This rugged pad is a full three inches thick with a size of 24 inches by x 76 inches. It has two angled corners and two rounded corners. Each pad comes with a Velcro securing kit.

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