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The PPE Door Caddy keeps hallways free from isolation cart congestion and eliminates violations of fire, logistic and regulatory codes.
Conveniently holds gloves, masks, gowns, medical waste bags, hand sanitizers and other items on the door of the patient's room.
A clear pocket allows instructions, signs, and warnings to be prominently displayed.
The PPE Door Caddy stores supplies for patients in contact and enteric isolation
Encourages isolation compliance, which in turn helps prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance


The X1 measures 18.5" x 33". It has three pockets, three glove pockets and space for signage


  • Made of flame retardant nylon, The PPE Door Caddy can be wiped clean with surface disinfectants. The PPE Door Caddy can either go over the door with the supplied metal hangers, be held on glass doors using suction cups or affix to wood doors using 3M Large Command Strips if the over the door hangers can not be used.

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